Increasepharm (HK) Limited

Founded on October 30, 2018, Increasepharm (HK) Limited was committed to establishing a research and development center for the innovative biosynthesis of nucleic acid drug and new preparations in Hong Kong, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, making full use of Hong Kong's advantages in biomedical technology and talents for comprehensive development, and promoting Hong Kong's construction of international technological innovation center.

Increasepharm HK actively responds to national Greater Bay Area science and technology development plan, through Hong Kong the intersection of Chinese and Western traditional medicine and culture, basing on our characteristic research and development in aspects of TCM and Chemical Drug, such as nebulization and nano-delivery, to promote and apply in various countries and regions such as industry, university and research circles in the Greater Bay Area, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. At the same time, it will also rely on Increasepharm core R&D platform in mainland China to gradually expand the Group's related R&D services and other various businesses in Hong Kong and overseas, including cooperation with Hong Kong universities, scientific research institutes or enterprises to carry out new drug research and development, pharmacodynamic and toxicology research, Clinical research, and also provide a full range of CRO service such as international drug registration, training, testing, and consulting.

Increasepharm HK limited is currently carrying out a number of scientific research projects with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Macau University of Science and Technology, including the screening and research and development of innovative drugs (such as nucleic acid drug), new drug delivery systems and preparations development, Hong Kong TCM, mainland new drug research and development and international registration services.