Beijing Increase Biomedical Company Limited

Formerly known as Beijing Increase Biological Products Research Institute, was established in 1999. In 2007, the Clinical Affairs Department was established and began to engage in clinical trial research. It is located on the 7th floor of Building 10, Pomegranate Center, No. 88, Liuxiang Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, with an office area nearly 300 m².

The company has nearly 20 employees, four business and support departments including operation department, medical department, support management department and finance department. In addition, the company has an exclusive expert technical committee, and experts in advisory group are all academic leaders in various disciplines or experts in clinical medicine, drug review, pharmacodynamics and toxicology, biostatistics, with academic authority and rich resources. It provides strong quality assurance for the implementation of clinical trials, and provides strategic or technical support for the sponsor's follow-up new drug review and application for national policy support.

The company is committed to providing comprehensive and professional research and consulting service for outstanding domestic and foreign companies. Its main business covers registration, medicine clinical trials, medical device clinical trials, medical technical support, academic promotion, and project evaluation. The specific business scope includes:

(1) Clinical Trial service: Phase I, II, III, and IV clinical trials of new drugs (TCM, chemical drug, and biological products); post-marketing clinical research (including large-scale evidence-based medicine research and post-marketing academic promotion); imported drug registration and clinical trial; international multi-center clinical trial; third-party inspection of clinical trial projects; clinical trials of protected varieties of TCM; pharmacoeconomics research; consistency evaluation and BE study; clinical trial on formula food for special medical purposes; healthcare clinical trial.

(2) Medical device clinical trial service: registration regulations; clinical trials.

(3)Registration and application consulting services: consultation on national registration and application policies and application for drug, device, and health products.

(4) Medical support and academic promotion services: program design and consultation; academic conferences and demonstrations; project feasibility assessment.