Core technology
5 areas and 18 technical platforms consist the full chain R&D system.Conduct start to end development.Project Idea, R&D, Achievement Transformation, Industrialization, Pharmacy, PKPD, Clinical Trial, Post Market Assessment
Four advantages
Special platform: Anti-infection New Drug Platform
Feature: The only private company can execute full chain anti infection new drug R&D and has enhanced P2 Lab conducting animal test, P3 lab is under construction. 2022 will apply for CNAS certification and international AAALAC certification, laying the foundation for application in NMPA and US FDA.
The team has rich experience, investigated on 7 anti infection new drug, among them 3 obtained New Drug License, 4 in clinical trial.
10 monomers and 2 combinations have been screened, 10 monomers druggability research finished, 2 combinations pre-clinical research completed.
38 projects under investigation
Coronavirus Infections
Mycoplasma, Chlamydia infection and other microorganisms
Common Virus Infection (influenza virus, respiratory Syncytial virus. Herpes virus.etc)
Fungal and Drug resistant bacterial infections
Common Bacterial Infection ( Staphylococcus aureus,Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Streptococcus Pneumoniae, etc )
Major Disease Pneumonia YKRH00277 inhalation solution----drug resistant bacterial infection
YKRH00198 inhalation solution--- fugal infection
Mycoplasma pneumoniae YKRH00287 inhalation solution----Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Respiratory virus infection YKRZ00020 inhalation solution----antiviral
YKRH00008 inhalation solution----antiviral
Five advantage clinical departments
R&D system
5 Areas and 18 Platforms
TCM Area
TCM Formula Granule
TCM Raw Materials Resource
TCM New Drug
TCM Classic Formula
TCM formula granule R&D
5 Areas and 18 Platforms
Master the production and evaluation technology of different properties and varieties of TCM formula granules, and solve the key technical problems in the production.

AllianceAlliance with 17 big pharmaceutical companies and develop together
Patents9 patents is under application
Contract60 contracts with 27 companies, cumulative income of nearly 300 million yuan
TCM combination New Drug
Project Initiation---Inheritance
clinical Experience Formula from famous TCM doctors
Famous Doctor Resource:TCM Master, Experienced TCM Doctors
Hospital Resource:Hospital Preparations
Perfect TCM R&D system and 20 years experience. Won First prize of Beijing science and Technology Progress: Key technology and application of TCM R&D.
Finished research on TCM combination new drug >100
New Drug License 10
Manufacturing License 22
clinical Permission: 24

Ancient classic famous TCM combination Formula
Powerful textual research ability of ancient book
Advance gasp ability of classic famous fomula directory
TCM new drug process development technology system
Traceable TCM raw material technology system
Perfect TCM new drug discovery technology system
TCM new drug specification technology system
TCM pharmacological evaluation system
New Drug License
Manufacturing License
Clinical permission
Under investigation
TCM combination new drug
TCM Classic Formula
TCM active components new drug
Through drug efficacy tracking and screening, and components optimization, develop new drugs from TCM active components
Total Alkaloid vesic gel of Semen Strychni
The effective components of total alkaloids (more than 80%) were isolated from Semen Strychni
The anti-inflammatory effect is better than that of the chemical drug Votalin.
Through New Preparation Vesicle Gel to reach sustained release, targeting, reducing toxicity and improving effect
It’s a model of Toxic TCM innovation.
First clinical permission of TCM nano preparation.
Special support for major new drug development in Elevth Five Year Plan and Twelfth Five Year Plan.
New Drug Area
Comprehensive FDFs
Nebulization Inhalation
Nano Gel
In Situ Gel
Healthy and Functional Product
New Drug License
Manufacturing License
Clinical Permission
Under investigation
New Preparation
Nebulization inhalation
The only full chain company in TCM nebulizaiton inhalation,GLP lab located in Fangshan,Beijing is center specializing in the safety evaluation of inhalation preparation
3 projects were supported by major new drug development in Thirteenth Five Year Plan
Guangdong Nebulization Inhalation Engineering Technology center, Tianjing Key Lab of Pulmonary Administration, National Key Lab is under preparation.
Patents 153. 8 projects been licensed out , 5 projects status pilot scale
ocular in Situ Gel
Advance technology and mature, lead in sterilization technology of temperature sensitive in situ gel, Retention time
more than 4 times of marketing eye drops
Establish complete R&D system including pharmacology toxicology, and clinical trial cooperaion with Zhongshan University Ophthalmology Center.
Nano Gel
Advantage: sustained releae, long effect and targeting effect, first cataplasms clinical permission
supported by major new drug development in Eleventh Five Year Plan and Twelfth Five Year Plan
After first project success, many NSAIDs products could be developed as similar dosage and scale up quickly
Paclitaxel siRNA Aptamer targeting drug, cooperate with Hong Kong Baptist University.
Yew siRNA new drug project, cooperationg with Macao University of Science and Technology.
slove the problems of solubility, drug delivery and safety of anti cancer products.
Clarify the new effective substance of TCM and provide new opportunities of drug R&D.
Oral New Preparation
oral new preparation lead in dropping pills, effervescent tablets, pellets , dispersible tablets, chewable tablets, New
Drug License: 12
863 Plan project, famous TCM Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder was developed into dispersible tablets for the first time.
Relying on platform of effervescent tablet promote the development and industrialization of a number of effervescent tablets.
Medical Service Area
Toxicology / Toxicokinetics
Anti infection
Clinical Research
5 areas and 18 technical platforms consist the full chain R&D system.Conduct start to end development.
Project idea, R&D, Achievement transformation, Industrialization, Pharmacy, PKPD, Clinical Trial, Post Market Assessment